photo of E. Barbara Phillips

Latitude's founder-director

E. Barbara Phillips, Ph.D., has been concerned with intercultural & interdisciplinary issues for many years.  Formerly a U.S. diplomat in Africa & India, a workshop leader for OECD in Central Europe, an antipoverty worker in Appalachia, a journalist, & editor of a social science journal and well-travelled curious person, she is Professor Emerita of Sociology & Urban Studies, San Francisco State University. She has also taught at Stanford University, SUNY-Oswego, Utica College, and Onondaga Community College.

Barbara attended the Institut des Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris during her Sweetbriar Junior Year in France, holds a B.A. (Honors) in History from Northwestern University;  an M.A. (International Relations) from The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Medford, MA; a M.P.A. with distinction (Public Administration) from The Maxwell School, Syracuse University, & an interdisciplinary social science Ph.D. from the Maxwell School.  She studied ballet in Chicago, Bharat Natyam in New Delhi, and Bugaku in Tokyo.

One of Barbara's continuing  interests is storytelling as a community function. Her dissertation explored "The Storytellers of Everyday Life: Journalists, their Craft & their Consciousness." 

Recently, she published the 3rd edition of her college text, City Lights:Urban-Suburban Life in the Global Society (Oxford University Press, 2010)  and has started two new projects:. a short book, in English, An American in the Quercy (to be published in 2011),  and research concerning how adults might change their deeply-held opinions or ideas, particularly in the realm of politics and religion.

She enjoys walking along the banks of the river Lot in La Toulzanie with the nearly bilingual  & (totally) bicontinental dog, Jack la Lang-ue, and listening to authors talk about their books in Berkeley, California, where she lives 8.5 months each year.

                                     The Officers & Staff of Latitude

Latitude's Board of Directors is composed of  the following people, all part-time or full-tiime residents of the  Departement du Lot:

Tim H. Teninty, Président/President, La Toulzanie (Lot) & Berkeley, CA, US
Christine DaBlanc,  Vice-presidente, St. Martin Labouval (Lot) & Beaumont, France
Bertrand Puel, Secretary/Secretaire, Faycelles, hameau de Gaillot (Lot), and Toulouse
Antoine Mercadié, Treasurer/Trésorier, St Martin Labouval (Lot) and Toulouse

Members of the Conseil d' Administration are part-time or full-time residents of the Lot: Claudine DesMots, Raphael Clerget, and Hugues DaBlanc.

Mei Sun Li is assistant to the director in the Bay Area, California.

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